Michele Leggot
With Joel Rickerby, Anthony Low, Lee Ralph and Yonel Watene
Sunday, 30th July
Opening Celebration, 2-5pm
285 Ravensbourne Rd

I don't really know what digital art is, let alone what contemporary art is, so I won't even try to explain either, despite meddling in both as an artist and curator, which is two terms I also know very little about. What I do know is work, and the importance of work, application and execution. I'm more concerned with the linear direction of work, that's made up of a few variables - mainly application and results, with these results representing the artwork's aesthetic make-up. I've chosen not to focus on a digital arts aesthetic, choosing to focus on how we use digital tools in a practical sense i.e. to work. This is, in a sense, the only thing I understand when discussing anything digital.

In this modern era, we use computers, digital cameras, smartphones, microphones, monitors, robots, and all kinds of mechanical devices to create/present digital art. Workx79 is in reference to the creative process that incorporates digital tools to make and present digital art, which is something Post-Internet artist may not fully acknowledge, being that these robotic tools are so very much the norm when creating. Brushes/anything-analogue isn't the norm with a lot of artists today.

Workx79 refers to Rihanna's hit song Work, in which she says "work" 79 times. The exhibition is not so much about digital aesthetics, but more so concerned with digital tools and processes, things we so very much rely on today. I wanted to talk about this because I don't think is such a popular discussion among artists, compared to the aesthetics of everything we call digital today, and I think we should talk about it.

The show features acclaimed Kiwi poet Michele Leggot (whose poetry will feature on SAVOIE de LACY's front window (facing Ravensbourne Road) as a digitally made vinyl cut-out (designed by Yonel Watene) and Christchurch-born, Dunedin-based artist Joel Rickerby (whose presenting one of his only digital artworks). I'll also be throwing in one of my only digital works too, which are some risograph prints I designed based off of a poster I saw in Oaxaca city, advertising the Jewish-Mexican philosopher Margo Glantz. I got an idea for a light/video work too. My buddy Anthony Low will also be showing some digital photos, printed as posters showcasing Aotearoa.

-Yonel Watene

SAVOIE de LACY is an alternative gallery, studio space and community initiative created by Yonel Watene in March 2016. The gallery is tasked with finding alternative formats to present art outside of traditional norms. Throughout the years, the storefront building located at 285 Ravensbourne Road has functioned as a dairy, butchery and second-hand store. Watene and his partner Roberta Francis live behind SdL.


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Sunday, July 30, 2017

2-5pm SAVOIE de LACY, 285 Ravensbourne Rd
7-8.30pm YYY, 407 Princes St

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