Chaong Wen Ting
Friday, 28th July
Opening Celebration 5.30-7pm
Level 2. 127 Stuart St

Exhibition hours 12–4pm, 29th–30th July

SPACE-BETWEEN will operate as an immersive exhibition situated within Allbell Chambers. DIRT will host this audio visual artwork, which documents an art installation within an abandoned sake factory in Nakanojo, created by Ting in July 2017.

DIRT will propose a substitute space in New Zealand to represent Ting's Installation idea about reactions between moving image and water to communicate the invisible tension of surface and energy; Ting's practise seeks to question the relationship to and the ownership of everyday environments.

As SPACE-BETWEEN manifests within Storm Channels, Ting hopes to begin a conversation between indigenous communities of Ōtepoti and highland communities from Taiwan.

Chaong Wen Ting (TING) is a Taiwanese artist who has exhibited extensively throughout Asia and Europe, and most recently has been selected to participate in the Nakanojo Biennale in Japan. Ting Chaong-Wen is an installation artist and visual designer. Ting’s works are often inspired by his own experiences and regularly include ready-made objects, which through the context of a particular exhibition become part of a historical narrative. Thus the artist deconstructs, interprets, and reinterprets our shared history in surprising and innovate ways. He examines dominant values and historical conflicts such as colonialism, migration, and cultural collective memory and their cross-border existence.

DIRT is an online art and project space. DIRT navigates the boundary between digital and physical space, identifying new environments to showcase art and related projects. DIRT aims to disrupt and challenge conventional representational landscapes by supporting emerging experimental artists. Creative Director Kelly O'Shea curates and drives DIRT; while at the same time maintaining a contemporary jewellery and installation practice of her own.




Friday, July 28, 2017

5.30-7pm DIRT, Level 2. 127 Stuart St
7.30pm None, 24 Stafford St

Saturday, July 29, 2017

11am-3pm The Anteroom, 29 Wickliffe Tce, Port Chalmers
3.30-6pm &
The Manor, 23 Clark St

Sunday, July 30, 2017

2-5pm SAVOIE de LACY, 285 Ravensbourne Rd
7-8.30pm YYY, 407 Princes St

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