Storm Channels is a series of contemporary art events held at six Dunedin Artist-Run Initiatives (ARIs) from the 28 - 30th of July, 2017. Storm Channels is organised by representatives of The Aotearoa Digital Arts Network: Ted Whitaker and The Anteroom: Charlotte Parallel, in celebration of the dedicated community of independent artists working in Dunedin.

Over three days, Storm Channels will be realised by seven projects from Savoie de LACY, None, DIRT, XXX/YYY, The Anteroom and The Manor. Each ARI brings their own network of national and international artists, curators and writers that together form a diverse, fluid and gritty base for critical discussion. Each project brings an autonomous inquiry that ranges from electroacoustic & close listening sessions to a club night. A DIY electronics workshop, an optimistic installation and a sound performance that marks the beginning of a reverberant architectural loop. A loop that also extends to a surveillance intervention. Questions continue to be asked through an exhibition addressing concepts of work alongside contemporary poetry and another that sets to challenge notions of ownership.

In a culture of digital and online ubiquity, Storm Channels responds by rethinking the importance of small-scale physical spaces in a globalised world, to support the collective of local ARIs where a common thread is resource-sharing and collaboration. Storm Channels recognises the significant history of ARIs in Dunedin, that come and go, yet leave an impact to support future generations of artists in the city and abroad.

Members of the public are invited to the entire three-day event, free of charge, spanning six ARIs, showcasing the enriched and engaged community operating, on their own terms, independent of an agenda besides a sense of urgency for art to happen.

Storm Channels is supported by Creative New Zealand, The Dunedin City Council and New New New.

Ted Whitaker and Charlotte Parallel are both artists and curators working in the field of electronic media and ARI culture. Whitaker formerly of BRUCE Gallery (2013-2015) and The Bermuda Triangle Cinema Club (2016) and Parallel runs the Anteroom (2010-present) in Port Chalmers.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

5.30-7pm DIRT, Level 2. 127 Stuart St
7.30pm None, 24 Stafford St

Saturday, July 29, 2017

11am-3pm The Anteroom, 29 Wickliffe Tce, Port Chalmers
3.30-6pm &
The Manor, 23 Clark St

Sunday, July 30, 2017

2-5pm SAVOIE de LACY, 285 Ravensbourne Rd
7-8.30pm YYY, 407 Princes St

Artist Run Initiatives

XXX/YYY // DIRT // The Manor // None // the Anteroom // SAVOIE de Lacy


Michele Leggot // Brett RYAN // Chaong Wen Ting // Waterfalls // EMILIE SMITH // BRENDAN JON PHILIP // Simon Kong // PHOEBE LYSBETH KAY // TESS MACKAY // Erica Sklenars // Nikolai Sim & Danny Brady // Karl Leisky // Leben Young // Ducklingmonster // Embedded Figures // Joel Rickerby // Yonel Watene // SAMUEL LONGMORE // Back on Track // Rata Von Tippleskirch Scott // Ro Rushton-Green // William Henry Meung // Nick McMullan // DANNY CREATURE // Anthony Low // Lee Ralph // & O.M.T. //